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That generation

I am 30.  11 262 days to be more precise.

When I was a little girl, it was the eighties;  I was 2 in 82, 7 in 87; and 10 in 1990.  I was a teenager of the nineties…  Grunge, metal, rap and electronic music. The death of Kurt Cobain. The last Québec referendum. The birth of Internet.  Rage Against the Machine. The explosion and globalisation of  the underground rave movement.

Rave parties already existed in the eighties; the acid house parties from those years were probably the biggest fundations of the parties we now know.  This is when the electronic music started sounding electronic.  Almost too electronic.  The birth of the microwave.  The destruction of the Berlin wall.  Madonna & Michael Jakckson.  But not the true beginning of things…

Where it all started in fact is in the late fifties;  the word RAVE was used to describe raging beatnick parties.  The fifties were the birth of Rock ‘N Roll, but also the start of the beat generation, an underground movement of writers,more influenced by the bop jazz music of that time.  The beats were about spontaneity,  freedom of expression and antimaterialism; they wrote about sex, about drugs, about criminality; about whatever they felt like, especially if it was controversial.  They would get together, do drugs, drink, read poetry, play jazz music and dance.

Later, in the sixties the term rave was used to describe party animals; people who destroy it when they party. The true ravers.  The word was not used at all during the seventies, and resurfaced in the eighties to qualify the party and partyers we now know.

Culture gets passed down a little bit like inforHmation does from your great grand-parents to you.  History is the explanation of everything…  They had jazz and opium, now we have glitchop and mdma.

But some things are here to stay….

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

( and Sex, Drugs and Rock’N Roll)


I like things that are different.

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