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Let’s see if this work…

If you don’t know Jango already, you should give it a try.  A few years back I used to listen to and very sadly it became exclusive to american citizens.  Jango is available in Canada and it works almost the same.  They are both intelligent radios that analyze your taste in music and play stuff you might like.  How it works is that you put in the name of an artist or song you like and it will play similar music.  You can fast forward, pause and rewind songs.  You can create a bunch of different personnal radio stations by adding all the artists that you would like to each one of them, or just play the existing stations by genre.  You can also rate songs and by doing this you help customizing your stations, and see what other people are listening to.

This link will take you to my personal profile, with the radio stations I created.  If you wish to create your own profile, just log out and sign up, it’s free.  I like.


I like things that are different.

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