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Dead Barbies And Fried Eggs

Today I took a moment to revisit one awesome website. Insight is a surf, skate and lifestyle apparel company from Australia. The company has been in Canada for 4-5 years now and has spread its wings really fast. They are the disturbing edgy guys that set the most awkward trends and expose the taboo in everything. They slip on the slippery side of things and they do it incredibly well. Their marketing campaigns are the most interesting I have seen done by a clothing company; for me, they stand right beside Benetton. The first year they were in Canada, they distributed a mass amount of big decals with pictures of random things like raw meet, fried eggs, burnt barbie dolls with no heads, some weird stuffed animals with eyeballs popping out of their heads, plastic skulls or random thnigs smashing wood walls. They propose images you will probably never forget; a sort of anti-pub that works in their favor. They bring imagination to a point where it hasn’t been before.

This next one is probably my favorite one out of all. Showing some serious asomeness in every aspect. 

These are some of my favorite pictures, and it was really hard to not put all of them… They have inspired a lot of the window displays I’ve done in the skate shops where I have worked and I highly recommend you go visit their cyber world on your own.



I like things that are different.

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